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March 11, 2011

“Art is not where you expect to find it” ~ Patrick Mimran

No Future - Banksy


Urban Art, Street Logos, Stencil Graffiti, call it what you will, it is a current form of art constantly changing. Today’s graffiti has fast evolved from the preconceived ideas of spray painting a tag on a city wall into a new art from.  In the words of Keith Haring, “I don’t know how to exactly explain it. Taking it off the pedestal. I’m giving art back to the people I guess.”

Keith Haring NYC street art

However, the 1980 ‘classic’ graffiti work of artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat has evolved into various new graphic forms and approaches.  New artists are coming up from the streets and breaking new ground in this art movement. The concrete canvas of the street has become a means to make important statements in public spaces. But some of this art has left the street and entered the main stream of galleries, auction houses, and current media. An example is stencil artist Shepard Fairey, known

Cover of Time - Shepard Fairey

currently for the controversial portrait of Obama on the cover of Time magazine.  The most well-known, yet anonymous UK urban artist, is Banksy. Showing up first across England and then internationally, Banksy’s stencil art has made social commentary around the world. Good street art is working to open societies eyes to the world conditions.

Students in the Art & Artists class, investigated the current work of urban artists. Incorporating social commentary, and inspirational images, some directly borrowed from favorite artists to create their own graffiti type posters. Some students used spray paint and stencil cutting to complete their art. Others used a collage style and paint pens.

More suggestions for teaching a lesson on Urban Artists:  http://artinspired.pbworks.com/w/page/13819589/Graffiti-and-Urban-Art

Brooke borrowed a Banksy graffiti image to comment on children in the slave trade.

Lindsey expresses love not war through spray paint and collage.










Danielle used paint pen and collage to illustrate the dreams of the homeless.

Using a collage technique and paint pens, Danielle communicates the dreams of the homeless.

Darren spray painted on cardboard using cut stencils. He makes a social statement about harvesting baby seals for their fur.


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