OPUS 22 …….Vermont Midi Project

April 27, 2011


For ten years, the Vermont MIDI Project has fostered a community of music educators, professional composer mentors, and pre-service educators who encourage and support music composition for students.

Mr. Stumpff’s students have been hard at work creating musical compositions.  Through composing and arranging, the students have worked hard to meet the national and vermont state standard. The creative works are showcased in area performances. The Opus concerts feature professional performers playing student compositions have continued every fall and spring since April 2000.

“It’s difficult to adequately write about the excitement and learning that take place throughout the process of submitting a composition for live performance. The flurry of activity on the password protected website during the Opus selection process always requires that we hire composer mentors for additional time. The rehearsal time demonstrates the keen knowledge each student has of their work. One mentor commented: “The student becomes the center of attention in the performance preparation and all performers look to the student for instruction on how to perform the score. This gives the student a real sense of power over his/her creation. It is perhaps the first time that a student has been asked by an adult for direction.” (http://www.vtmidi.org/aboutus.htm)

Jake Z. and Clara G. have worked hard on their compositions. The arrangments will be performed ……..

As a concert of music written by students in the Vermont MIDI Project
performed live by professional musicians
for strings and woodwinds

Thursday, April 28, 2011
Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, VT

Dance_forest_spirits.htm      <<<< Click to listen>>>>>>           Forest_child.htm

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