Sticks and stones, twigs and leaves – INSTALLATIONS (part2)

June 7, 2011

“I was a fanatic about horses before I could talk.” — Deborah Butterfield

Filigree 1997 D. Butterfield


   “Deborah Butterfield has explored the subject of horses for over thirty years. In her early sculpture, the artist employed humble materials such as mud, clay and sticks. But what was once only made with twigs and sticks, has evolved into hammered, soldered, and cast bronze sculptures. These days she is concentrating on two types of sculpture – bronze and steel. The bronze actually starts with wood. Over the years she has collected warehouses full of sticks of all shapes and sizes. They sit in over sized leaf recycling bags, just waiting for the artist to reclaim them.” 
READ THE ARTICLE:   http://artworksmagazine.com/2008/05/deborah-butterfield/

Mr. Wiltse’s art class has used the idea of Land Art with the combined art style of Deborah Butterfield. A stick and twig Galloping Ghost, (the Randolph Union High School mascot) stands majestically on the campus lawn. The action of the ghost rider is captured in the excellent twists and turns of the woven branches. The fallen trees and branches from the school property proved the medium for the construction of the art work. The creative sculpture uses the natural elements of the environment to communicate to viewer. The wild nature of the broken branches wonderfully express the feelings of the ghost rider and the creativity of the art students.

The Galloping Ghost rides on the lawn at RUHS.


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