Totem Poles UK Style

September 3, 2012


Abby Birhanu, a fellow Fulbright Exchange Teacher (UK 2011-2012), did a totem pole project with her students in the UK. The project was developed with some advice from Pat Cushing and Gary  Jackson. Gary and Abby communicated through emails which were very helpful in explaining the process he used in his summer camp project. Gary Jackson has a great blog art teachers will love and find usefull for other inspirational projects.

Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery

The process was a blast; here’s the outcoUK totem pole project 2me in Abby’s own words.

They really enjoyed the project and when we dug the hole to put in the pipe we found clay and got to experience where clay comes from first hand. It was a blast! I have attached the finished product. The clay is outdoor clay and we painted it with themes dealing with cultural exchange and environmental sustainability as a way of promoting a healthier Earth in all respects. The clay also has recycled material on the surface and is filled with gravel like you suggested. It was the hit of of our school. The school’s name is Charters and it is in Sunningdale, England about 30 minutes outside of London.

The totem pole created by Abby Bihanu’s UK students.

Thank you for all of your help! I promised you pictures so they are attached. I look
forward to doing a similar project with my home school in Missouri.

Abby Birhanu currently teaches Arts Education at St. Charles High, Missouri


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