Color Field Painting

October 14, 2012

BETTE RIDGEWAYPoured Paintings is inspiration for art students unit of study.

The students first got inspired by watching a video on artist Bette Ridgeway. They learned how she simultaneously directs and randomly pours color to emphasize rhythm and motion.

“The movement that occurs is so beautiful. I really get into the process. It is like entering into another world — a world of mind, of space . . . of something beyond.” (B. Ridgeway)

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The student then had a chance to develop their own poured paintings, developing both the random and planned aspects. Choice of color played an all important role in the creation of the works.


The ideas were also applied to 3 Dimensional paper cutouts. (foam core with florescent papers and color pencil). This time the use of negative and positive space was incorporated into the lesson.

The third adaptation involved creating a tissue paper and wire funky lantern. The illumination inside was the result of inserting twinkle lights. The student results illustrate how the learning can be applied across the mediums.



  1. This is fantastic. I’m so inspired. I’m an artist, but I really only use ink and paper. I want to try more things and this looks amazing. Thank you for sharing this process and some extensions of it. (I’m taking the EDC MOOC and found your blog through that list!)

    • Thank you E.D. for your Kudos, glad you can find it useful.

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